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Allan Sarabia

Allan Sarabia came to Singapore from the Philippines together with his wife, Candy in 2007. They had been attending Evangel in the last 15 years, serving in the ushering team and reaching out to fellow Filipinos. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Airline Business Administration, specifically in service quality management with major global transportation companies for 30 years. Allan believes that the time has come to use his experience and energy on things of eternal value. Allan joined Evangel in March 2022 and is currently an Assistant Operations Director to assist in hospitality and ushering, certain facility systems and Sunday operations. He lives in the Yishun neighbourhood with his wife, Candy, a senior trainer with an American travel technology company. They are blessed with a “son”, Miguel Martin, who joined them in 2019 to finish his degree studies. Hanging out together with Candy and Miguel for a simple meal, a short walk or buying groceries is all it takes to complete Allan’s day.