Jasmine Gan

Jasmine Gan graduated from Singapore Institute of Management with a Degree in RMIT Business (Marketing). Subsequently, she took up a 6 months contract job at Tanah Merah Country Club as a Membership Services Executive. Jasmine first came to church when she was Primary 4 and she remember tagging along with her grandma, who was the one who brought her to church. Jasmine's turning point was when she came into a personal relationship with God and took the step of water baptism. Jasmine is passionate about serving the little ones and joined The Kingdom Kids (TKK) ministry as a TKK teacher since 2006. Through her involvement in the children's ministry, her walk with God has gotten much closer. In February 2013, Jasmine joined Evangel and is currently the Children’s Ministry Director overseeing TKK. Together with the TKK team, Jasmine is excited to challenge herself further to relate with and impact the lives of children from all walks of life and planting that seed of God's Word in the children's hearts. Jasmine enjoys spending time with her loved ones and her friends. She is thankful that her family and friends have been a pillar of support in all the things that she do. Also, Jasmine enjoys a cup of bubble tea whenever possible.