Quee Beng

As Quee Beng progressed in his journey with God, he felt a deep sense of longing to serve in the local church on a full-time basis. However, after completing his contract of eight years with the Navy, his patience was further stretched because the opportunity came only many years later. Quee Beng is presently a Community Pastor at Evangel. He oversees the congregants of Tribe Joshua, and also Logistics and Facility. Quee Beng is a Competent Facilities Practitioner with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). He also assists in leading the Mandarin and Chinese-dialect speaking congregation. Quee Beng loves fishing, driving in the fast lane and keeps fit by jogging and swimming. He is married to Beng Sing, an accounts assistant with a Finnish company. They have two wonderful sons, Jerome and Jonathan. Quee Beng's passion is to connect broken lives fragmented by the harsh realities of life to the redeeming grace of God.