Shiho Sakamoto

Shiho was born in Japan and grew up in Nagoya. As a child, she loves music and would dance and sing in front of the TV, imitating the music videos of her favorite artists. At the same time, she was deeply moved by the Christmas songs of Celine Dion playing in the background, as she visited beautiful Christmas light-ups together with her family. Shiho aspires to be a musician. After graduating from high school, she went to a vocational school in her hometown to hone her recording skills as a musician. In 2013, she moved to Tokyo and worked in cafes and restaurants while pursuing her passion for music. It was at a bakery that she was working in when she met Dale and Chui who first introduced her to Yellowren Japan. Although Shiho worked really hard to hone her skills, she found herself undergoing tremendous stress and felt that she was not good enough. In 2018, she decided to give up her ambition as a musician and started working as a generalist. Towards the end of 2019, she started performing at Yellowren Japan during their Saturday arts gatherings. Through the stories at the arts space she began to learn the need to love herself and others. Shiho started to thank God and was grateful for all that she had. Shiho began to experience a sense of peace within as she embraced a relationship with Christ. Her bridges to music was rebuilt again when Shiho joined the leadership team as a Senior Creative Specialist with Yellowren in Singapore to provide musical and creative support for live and other productions of Evangel and Yellowren. Shiho recognizes her music abilities as a gift from God. Shiho also loves zumba, pop pilates and watching movies.